Whitening your teeth is the least invasive dental procedure as it does not harm either the enamel covering your teeth or the the layer underneath called dentin. The base of the chemical mixture we use is hydrogen peroxide (as in hair dye), that releases oxygen that travels through the enamel and whitens the residue accumulated inside the tooth. The oxygen molecules (that are as big compared to the residue particles that are responsible for the discoloration as a tennis ball to a building) will not effect the structure of the teeth.

Great results can be achieved using the new, American ZOOM AP tooth whitening system. By using a special UV light and an iron-iodine bases cataliser stains are quickly and effectively removed. This treatment takes approximately two hours, and in order to achieve 6-8 shades whiter teeth, the patient is required to wear a special whitening strip for at least half an hour a day for the following week. The treatment can be repeated every two-three years, but usually the degree of discoloration is never as bad as before treatment.

Since we are able to adapt the treatment to every patient’s unique needs this form of tooth whitening is significantly more effective than any over-the-counter tooth whitener.

Also, the dentist can advise you on the degree of whitening based on the number of your fillings as they do not change color with whitening, so they may appear significantly darker.