Oral Hygiene

Oral Hygiene

There are areas in your mouth that are inaccessible with a toothbrush. Cleaning these areas can only be done in the office with the help of specific tools. Regular dental exams  will remove all plaque, residue, discoloration from those hard-to reach areas. Your teeth will not only be brighter and cleaner, you will also be assured of the quality control of previous work on your teeth.

This guarantees our patients will not have any emergency procedures, will not have to rush to see a dentist at the weekends or on holidays. Your dentist will check your teeth every six months and performs any necessary correction.

How does it work?

Every patient has a file that records procedures such as plaque removal to see how often it is necessary. A copy is given to the patient, so both dentist and patient can see what areas need special attention and how often you need to visit us for a check-up. When it is time for your next visit, our colleagues will contact you and arrange your next appointment. At the check-up you receive a complimentary dental hygiene package, so you don’t need to bother with buying a new toothbrush!

Why is it good for the dentist?

We get constant feedback from our work, so if any corrections need to be made, we can do it while it is painless, requires little work, and catch a problem before it escalates.

Through the oral exams we  can advise patients on toothbrush, toothbrushing techniques, and catch abnormalities that may indicate other health problems.

Why is it good for the patient?

Our patients will be informed if they are due for a next appointment, won’t have to wait in the surgery, and will have the best overall dental health care available.

Regular visits mean regular plaque removal, so you can bee free of  mouth odor and  plaque-related illnesses such as joint pain, premature delivery, heart problems.

Who is it for?

We have two main target groups: first, our own patients who have received treatments with us and we provide them with check-ups, cleaning, plaque removal. Regular visits and upkeep ensure all dental work will last 5-10 years longer.

The second group is  for patients who come in for cleaning only but remain faithful to other dentistries.