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If a tooth is lost, it is important to replace it within two years, otherwise the remaining teeth may move or lean to one side. Missing teeth may not cause any complaints while young, but with age they may cause jaw joint pains, headaches, insomnia and the early loss of other teeth.

If there is enough bone left from the lost tooth, we can choose to have an implant fitted, if not, a bridge, resting on the neighbouring teeth can be the solution.


If you would like to have a high-quality, long- lasting dentures but do not wish to endure dental surgery, BPS (Biofunctional Prothetics System) is for you. IVOCLAR/VIVADENT,  a Lichtenstein-based company has developed this new, extra-strong denture that can be built  and fitted  quickly and with beautiful results.

As a licensed BPS surgery we guarantee that sister surgeries in every country of the world will provide you with immediate service in case of a problem.

Metal plate tooth replacement

The more teeth you are missing, the harder it is to chew. This does not only affect the stomach, it may also result in other serious health  conditions such as migraines, joint pains, speech impediments and so on. Tooth replacement has many forms and can benefit your health in many ways. A partial metal plate can be used in case you decide against implants.


When replacing teeth with a bridge, the neighbouring teeth will be used to secure the bridge. These teeth will have to be sanded, then filled and covered invisibly by the bridge.

Some patients complain about a  sensitivity to cold, in some extreme cases even breathing can be painful. We have methods to lessen the pain. Usually the first appointment already brings relief, but  repeated procedures can maintain a symptom- free condition for months.

Orthodontics is not only of aesthetical value. If your teeth are properly aligned and your bite is good, teeth, gums and jaws will most likely be healthy. A proper set of braces can fix your arch, helps to avoid plaque, tooth decay, tooth sensitivity, abrasion, tooth grinding and even plays a part in retaining the shape of your face and avoid wrinkles around the eyes!

Invisible Orthodontics

Two techniques fit into this group: braces from the inside of the mouth or the invisible brace strips. Although the first method requires special experience and knowledge as the little locks have to be applied to the inside of the teeth, the results are just as outstanding as with regular braces.

Using the invisible strips is based on another technique: we take plaster moulds of the teeth then scan them. A specially designed computer program will assign the best method to move the teeth from their present position to the ideal one. The program designs the strips to be worn and  phase out the changes. If the strips  are worn 12-18 hours daily, teeth will move gradually to their ideal position. The larger the original difference between current and ideal positions, the longer the treatment will take.

Fixed Braces

Fixed braces consist of brackets glued to the teeth and metal wires that are periodically (every 2-3 weeks) adjusted. This way teeth are stimulated to move 24 hours a day, lessening the overall time braces will have to be worn to about 1.5 – 2 years.

Half of this time is spent permanently stabilizing the teeth in their new position to avoid restoration to the original position.

Fixed braces are also available with see- through or white brackets.

Removable braces

Removable braces can be used as long as jaw bones are still growing, up to the age of 12-13. They are also effective in restraining or enhancing the growth of one or both of the jaws.

It is essential for  children to wear the braces for at least 10- 12 hours otherwise the treatment will not be effective. The longer your child wears them, the greater results can be achieved.

Soft silicone myofunctional retainers are also available, which work on stabilizing and harmonizing the tongue and lip muscles. As a result, the same forces apply to the teeth from both sides, resulting in a long- lasting, even dental bite.

This illness is becoming widespread among the young, due to their increased intake of acidic drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks. With the erosion of  the enamel, teeth become yellow or gray, tips become flat and in some cases jaw movement becomes painful.

Immediate treatment is required to replace the enamel to prevent the softer inner layers’ erosion. The sooner the problem is spotted, the quicker it can be treated to avoid the loss of teeth. However, in extreme cases  only putting in a crown can stop the problem.

Every tooth is different.

Grinders (teeth used for chewing) have deep grooves and have to be especially protected form bacteria sticking in them. To help prevent plaque build-up, a special lacquer coating can be applied to cover these grooves. This quick and painless treatment takes approximately 5-10 minutes and will last years. Some of the coating materials contain fluorides that strengthen the tooth’s surface.

Wisdom teeth usually break through after the age of 18, when bone growth has stopped. This may be the reason why these teeth usually have no room in the dental arch.

If the appearance of wisdom teeth makes the other teeth move, they may have to be removed.  The problem sometimes occurs after braces have been removed.

In this case wisdom teeth will have to be removed, even if they have not broken through to the surface of the gums. This surgery takes approximately 30 minutes per teeth, unless some of the teeth have started to break through, which may lessen the time.

Some sports young people do, like football, hockey, basketball or martial arts may result in tooth damage. To avoid such injuries, we can provide you with a custom-made mouthguard. We take a gypsum mould of the teeth and create the most comfortable, personalized mouthguard that will stay in place and will not hinder breathing. By using a mouthguard, incisors are protected from frissure, damage or possible loss.

Modern glues used with braces can be applied to stick tooth jewels to your teeth, making your smile even more unique. You can choose from a wide range of gold or platinum jewels or Sparkling Swarowski crystals, available in two different sizes.

Tooth jewellery does not require special care after application, and can be removed at any time without damaging the teeth.

Patients with dentures are fully aware how difficult it can be to keep your dentures clean, from stains such as  coffee or nicotine.

With the help of our professional cleaning systems, your dentures will be as sparkling clean as new, restoring your healthy, bright smile.

After 40 osteoporosis becomes a  common problem. If your GP diagnosis you with this problem, think of your teeth,  as this condition does not only affect bones but teeth as well.

The blades of bone tissue loose some of their density, resulting in the appearance of gaps between teeth, that are very hard to clean. The more bacteria and plaque gets stuck in the gaps, the quicker tooth degradation occurs. Don’t wait until your teeth get loose – see your dentist to get help.

In the area of oral tumors Hungary has one of the worst statistics in Europe. In our surgery special programs help us screen our patients. If we find anything suspicious in the oral cavity or the neck lymph glands, we immediately can refer you to further treatment. Screening and early diagnosis can help you nip the problem before it grows out of hand.