For the anxious

For the anxious

Ask anyone and they will tell you they are afraid of the dentist. They worry about how much it will hurt or how much it is going to cost.

With us, there is no reason to fear – in our modern dental surgery oral care, tooth whitening and orthodontics are completely painless, and our prices are just as friendly as our colleagues!

Let us change your mind about dentists! Visit us for a consultation to get a clear picture of your oral health and soon you will realize you really have nothing to fear in the hands of our experienced dentistry professionals.


In order to arrive at the correct diagnosis, we need to examine not only the tooth or teeth that are causing problems but your overall oral condition.

So at the first consultation we examine each and every tooth, the condition of your gums and with the help of an x-ray look at the parts not visible.  All information is noted on your file, so not only will you be completely up-to –date on the condition of your teeth, but your dentist will too at the next visit.

If your wisdom teeth cause you pain, you may consider having them removed. Removing any tooth has to be timed precisely, in order to ensure quick recovery.

When  implants need to be inserted, your oral surgeon can advise you on the minimum number of implants. Less is not more in this case! Striving for the cheapest option may result in overexerting and losing the newly placed inputs. Based on our professional experience we can help you choose the best options for long-lasting effects.

Orthodontics are no longer the privilege of children. We can have that ’perfect smile’ no matter what age we decide to start. It may take slightly longer, as adult teeth take longer to remodel, so we use smaller forces when adjusting the braces, but the results are just as amazing!

You don’t even need to wear a full set of braces for lengthy periods of time, as we offer partial orthodontics as well. Most  people choose having only their front teeth straightened, as this methods  brings spectacular results in a relatively short period of time.

If the need for a crown or bridge arises, less work will need to be done on the sanding of you own teeth if they are aligned correctly prior to surgery. Our experienced dentists can provide you with the necessary information for this procedure.

Periodontal disease, also called gum disease means pockets larger than 4mm between your teeth and gum. This disease may cause red, swollen, bleeding gums and can lead to the loss of your teeth by destroying the foundation of your teeth inside the gum. This disease may be painless and quick, but with the help of our gum specialist you can monitor the changes in your condition and the process can be slowed down.